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Elizabeth's Core Values

Protect yourself and those you love

There are two main components Elizabeth makes a point to address with her clients who are business owners, and they are simple: The risk of dying too soon, and the risk of becoming disabled and unable to work. The answer? Plan for the unexpected.

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Time value of money is very powerful

Elizabeth was fascinated by her father's financial calculator, where he would often show her the value of a dollar in the 1920s deposited into different areas, and what that dollar would be worth today. By breaking down the value of hard work Elizabeth's father showed her how a valuable, proper, well-thought wealth management is when it comes to helping her clients reach their short term and long term financial goals. Elizabeth understands how important it is to help educate her client’s so they can make financial decisions with confidence in their lives.

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The value of paying yourself first

On Elizabeth's 5th birthday, her parents gave her a piggy bank, and Elizabeth makes it a point to explain to her clients that although saving for the future isn't always easy, some need a "piggy bank" to get them started on the path to savings, and making money management a habit.

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